Cape Treasures Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt

A deliciously popular blend of Khoisan natural sea salt, smoke, onion, garlic and black pepper flavours. Use it as a finishing or table condiment - it adds depth and dimension - support for the primary flavours - its a true condiment.

Especially great with dishes that contain onions, garlic, tomatoes and wheat : a sprinkle on top of an onion and four-cheese muffin as it comes out of the oven, adds an exceptional flavour accent.

Salads love Smoked Salt - try it on a fresh melon salad with Proscuitto on a bed of lightly minted cucumber.

Smoked Salt is the friend of chicken, pork and lamb - and roast or fried carrots, potatoes and onions (add a pinch of cumin while cooking!).

Cape Treasures Smoked Salt: Roast Vegetables


Cape Treasures Smoked Salt Label

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