Cape Treasures Smoked Seasoning

Smoked Seasoning

Sweet paprika, dried and smoked where the paprika is grown by the people who grew it, is pure flavour enchantment for people who love smoky flavours.

Smoked Seasoning has an affinity with tomatoes, cheese and beef - a pinch of Smoked Seasoning is wonderful in pasta sauces and on pizza - its great on salads, in 'bakes' (like Macaroni & Cheese or a potato bake)- and it makes baked cheese crusts super special.


SMOKED BAKED BUTTER BEANS: Gently fry 250g bacon, 10ml garlic, 1 chopped large onion and 1 finely diced celery stick. Add 410g tinned tomato (chopped & peeled), 15ml Smoked Seasoning, 215g tomato puree, 125ml chopped parsley and 5ml sugar. Cook for 15 minutes on a gentle heat. Add 820g cooked butter beans (2 tins, drained), pour into an oven dish and sprinkle with 125ml grated parmesan and 45ml breadcrumbs. Bake 30 minutes at 180⁰C until golden. Serve on crusty bread with a poached egg.

Cape Treasures Smoked Seasoning: Baked Butter beans in Tomato Sauce with Bacon.

Smoked Seasoning and Smoked Olive Oil make tomatoes extraordinary. Try it on tomatoes sundried, partly dried, fresh, warm and ripe - alone, or several types together...
Rub the inside of a bowl with a cut clove of fresh garlic. Add at least 3 types of tomatoes: finely shredded dried, semi-dried halves and fresh, sweet, mini-Roma tomatoes (warm and ripe - not cold). Crumble a generous pinch of smoked seasoning over the tomatoes, drizzle with Smoked Olive oil, add a handful of torn fresh basil, cubes of Buffalo Mozarella and top with lightly toasted pine nuts. Serve with rare roast beef and fresh sourdough bread - pure tomato bliss!


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