Cape Treasures Pepperdrop Savouring Relish

Pepperdrop Savouring Relish

A tremendous festival of pure flavour: pepperdrops (aka peppadews) have a mild chilli bite with distinctive undertones of tropical fruit - some say mango/passionfruit, others say guava - the result is a fascinating combination of light chilli buzz with a fragrant undertone on top of a base of sundried tomato, basil (which further boosts the fruity notes) and garlic.

Use it on sandwiches, on cold meat or cheese platters, it is excellent on grilled fish or beef steak. For vegetarian guests, serve with quiches, stir a spoonful through diced feta to use in a salad, or use as a topping for Bruchetta.


Any-time Wrap-Snack

Spread a tortilla wrap with cream cheese. Add a spoonful of Pepperdrop Savouring Relish, shredded, cooked chicken, ham, a few batons of smoked mozarella, rocket, cress and baby spinach. Roll, slice on the diagonal and serve.

TIP: Test kitchen reports that one ought to be generous with the Pepperdrop Relish and the wraps hold together better if they're wrapped in greaseproof paper and refrigerated for 20 minutes before slicing and serving.

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