Cape Treasures Sweet Ginger & Chilli Relish

Sweet Ginger & Chilli Relish

Ginger, with just enough chilli to expand the buzz, is made on a base of sweet red pepper with just a hint of lemon. This relish is sweet and tangy and feisty and fans of ginger have been known to go to extraordinary lengths to get their supplies...

Sweet Ginger and Chilli Relish is the friend of all things cheese : its particularly suited to soft, white cheeses - like Camembert; as a dip for fried Haloumi and with smoked Mozarella. It is also delicious with smoked meats or fish, with roast pork or duck and a small spoonful will add a spike of interest to tomato-based pasta sauces.


Baked Ricotta

Pre-heat the oven to 150⁰C. Drain 250g ricotta, add 1 egg and season with salt and pepper. Place 30ml of Chilli and Ginger Relish in the bottom of 2 well greased ramekins. Fill with the ricotta mix and bake for 35 minutes until firm. Serve with fresh rocket and toasted bruschetta.

Advice from the test kitchen: This dish is quick and very easy to make (its virtually fool-proof and it can be pre-assembled and kept in the fridge several hours before baking - just increase the baking time a little if baking from cold). It makes a great starter or a semi-savoury desert (which some guests prefer). Replace the bruscetta with almond biscotti and serve with a dessert wine (like Vin Santo).

Cape Treasures Sweet Ginger & Chilli Relish: Baked Ricotta starter

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