Cape Treasures Plain Salt Crystals

Plain Salt Crystals

Natural sea salt crystals: harvested by hand, dried by the sun and wind - its pure sea salt with all its natural sea minerals - nothing more.

Cape Treasures Plain Salt on a baked potato
Cape Treasures Khoisan Natural Salt : Pure, perfect salt

Khoisan Natural Salt crystals taste a lot saltier than conventional table salt - use sparingly - a little goes a long, long way...

A pinch of salt makes sweet things taste sweeter - particularly melons, apples, pears and peaches. It also does wonderful things with sweet buttery flavours: think salted caramel and butterscotch... Big surprise: it also makes bitter things taste less bitter - it really boosts the flavour of chocolate and coffee in desserts and it makes sour things taste less acidy, but somehow tastier - think pickles!


Cape Treasures Hand harvested Khoisan sea salt label

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WFTO guarantees that Turqle Trading is a Fair Trade Organisation, so all the Cape Treasures product labels that are made after the end of 2015, will be eligible to carry the WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade logo. Khoisan Natural salt is also a member of WFTO and are certified as a Fair Trade Producer by Fair for Life.

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