Cape Treasures Khoisan Natural Salt: Seaweed Salt

Seaweed Salt

Combine the purest salt with seaweed, a touch of green herbs (and a few other magical ingredients!) and there's a remarkable blend that brings out the best in every flavour...

Cape Treasures Seaweed Salt: Chicken salad sandwich
Cape Treasures Khoisan Natural Salt: Seaweed Salt - harvester scooping salt

Its great on seafood and chicken, fresh salads, vegetables and new potatoes. The umami taste from the seaweed draws all the savoury tastes together, the touches of chilli and mustard create tiny, alternating points and counterpoints of heat that is immediately cooled by the hint of lemon and green herbs while the cornflower petals introduces the lightest dry floral note that highlight fresh flavours.


Cape Treasures Khoisan Natural Salt: Seaweed Salt label

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