Cape Treasures Tomato Salt

Tomato Salt

This blend not only tastes great : its excellent on beef, tomato dishes, pizzas and pasta - its also an inspired combination of ingredients that work together to make the salty tastes taste saltier...

Cape Treasures Tomato Salt: Roast tomatoes in a pan
Cape Treasures Tomato Salt: Harvesting salt on the small pans at Khoisan Natural Salt.

... it means a lot less salt is needed to get a deliciously salty taste. The sundried tomato and the seaweed provide umami - the taste that forms the bridge between savoury tastes - and a touch of mouthwatering tomato tartness, while the herbs and spices make an enthusiastic supporting cast.

Deliciously popular - its particularly good on tomatoes - try them fresh, roast, semi-dried, sundried or fried - also on eggs, aubergine, cheese, pasta or pizza and with roast peppers or salads - try a salad of fresh tomato with mozarella and basil dressed with a little Cape Treasures Smoked Olive oil.


Cape Treasures Tomato Salt label

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