Cape Treasures Seafood Seasoning Tub

Seafood Seasoning

An inspired blend of green herbs, supported by lemon and garlic (and the tiniest spark of chilli to alert the palate), makes a great foundation for the spice accents. Seaweed provides the umami - the bridge for all the savoury flavours. Flower petals and mint accent the fresh sea-flavours - this is what makes Seafood Seasoning sensational.

Not just for fish - this blend works on all seafood - grilled, fried or baked.

Cape Treasures Seafood Seasoning Tubs : Grilled Fish

Making a seafood stew? Season with Seafood Seasoning... Add a little to season a white wine butter sauce to serve with poached white fish.

Great with vegetables too: boiled baby potatoes, steamed green beans, mange tout peas, asparagus and artichokes - makes an excellent seasoning for a Hollandaise sauce!


Cape Treasures Seafood Seasoning Tub Label