Cape Treasures Beefsteak Seasoning Tub

Beefsteak Seasoning

Made for Beef: Steak, burgers or roast beef - the generous overtone of garlic is cleverly fragranced with white, green and black pepper - and a surprise accent of juniper, while mustards provide a lingering, sweet warmth on the base of paprika and bell peppers.

Cape Treasures Beefsteak Seasoning Tub: Sliced Rare Steak

Paint the steak with olive oil, sprinkle a little seasoning - rest for 10 minutes, grill and just before removing from grill, sprinkle with another light layer of seasoning.

Beefsteak Seasoning is also great on tomatoes. For vegetarian friends: dredge some mini roma tomatoes and onion petals (and/or strips of red bell pepper) in olive oil, sprinkle with Beefsteak Seasoning - roast until skins start to split, serve with a pesto made of sundried tomatoes, olive oil, parmesan cheese and some pine-nuts - season with Beefsteak Seasoning. Serve on hot gnocchi or pappardelle pasta.


Cape Treasures Beefsteak Seasoning Tub Label