Seasoning Solutions

The brief was simple: construct 'one-tub' flavour solutions to highlight the unique flavours of the most popular proteins - make lamb taste 'lambier', make seafood sensational - make it impossible for the cook to get it wrong - make it so delicious that people will buy it again and again and again...

Cape Treasures Seafood Seasoning Tub

Seafood Seasoning

An inspired blend of green herbs and seaweed with a formidable supporting cast - each element in perfect proportion - it really does make seafood sensational!

Cape Treasures Lamb Seasoning Tub

Lamb Seasoning

A clever blend, designed to celebrate the natural sweet flavour of lamb with a fascinating angle - two layers of lemon: the first to excite the palate - the second to linger...

Cape Treasures Grill Seasoning Tubs

Poultry Seasoning

All the flavours poultry loves, with ginger, mustard and sage to balance the richness, a touch of sugar to carry and expand the onion and sage, and help the browning.

Cape Treasures Grill Seasoning Tub

Grill Seasoning

Designed with spices that come to life on the grill: simply the best on pork - it works well on chicken or beef too - makes a great butternut roast!

Cape Treasures Beefsteak Seasoning Tub

Beefsteak Seasoning

Made for beef: all the flavour-favourites to enhance the beefiest notes - with a surprise accent - and its super-delicious on tomatoes too...


Cape Treasures is a brand of Turqle Trading. World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) guarantees that Turqle Trading is a Fair Trade Organisation. Turqle is certified by Fairtrade International as a Licencee and a Trader in Wine Grapes and Herbs and Spices. Fair For Life (IMO) has certified Turqle Trading as a handler of Fair Trade ingredients.

Apart from the Fairtrade premiums that are paid to the pepper producers in India and the grape farmers in South Africa, Turqle pays 2,5% of the FOB price of every product sold, to the Fair Trade Trust. This money is used for the education of the workers and their children. Some of Turqle's customers also contribute to the Fair Trade Trust.

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